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This service is useful when you have finished reading some of the pages of the book and you wanted to continue reading later. Definitely, in your next reading session, it would be a good idea if you came back to the same page where you stopped. This is what this option does for you. It will save the 'current' page that you are reading and mark it as the 'Last-read' page. Thus, the next time you visit our website from the same computer, you will be able to go directly to that page by clicking on the 'Go' icon.
For non-members this service works only if the visitor revisits our website from the same computer from which he had marked the required page.
For members this service works regardless of the computer used, because for members that data is saved in their profile where he can access it from anywhere.

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On clicking on this icon, the system will take you to the last-read page that you previously saved via the 'Mark' icon.

Add a note
This option is available only for signed-in members. Clicking on this icon will open a new window where the member can add a note related to the page that he is browsing (active page). That note may be just a comment or an explanation or a reference that he would like to relate to the current page, so that he would read it when he comes back again to that particular page. The member may also use that option to come directly to that page later, as all the notes are saved and may be accessed directly.
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