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It is a pleasure for me to introduce Dr. M.B. Bizrah's textbook entitled "Rhinoplasty and Related Facial Procedures". Dr. Bizrah has provided an excellent review of the history of rhinoplasty and has presented very clearly the principles with which the master surgeon approaches the rhinoplasty operation. Dr. Bizrah is to be complimented on his selection of techniques that have faired well for him in his vast experience from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf. His results are magnificent and his appreciation of aesthetics clearly shows his value of achieving a natural nose that fits well with the other facial features. By using Dr. Bizrah's analysis of problems and his solutions that are based on a strong understanding of the fundamentals of a nose, the reader should be helped and guided toward his own excellence which will improve with experience. Dr. Bizrah has quite appropriately pointed out that the rhinoplasty operation requires a lifetime of dedication and learning and that all of us improve as surgeons as we continue to study fundamentals and study our results over a long period of time. Perfection should be our goal, but we will never reach it. Congratulations to Dr. Bizrah for a very fine work.

Present President of the American Academy of
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Houston TX, June 2001