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I must thank my GOD who gave me the spirit and power to write this book and fulfill my ambitions, as it has been a challenging task to run my practice and produce such a project. To engage in writing was a very natural process for me, having a father who was a professor in literature and published over 100 works.

A very special note of appreciation goes to His Royal Highness King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz, the King of Saudi Arabia and his dedicated government and in particular the Minister of Health and his staff for their support since I arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1990.

The field of otorhinolaryngology and facial plastic surgery has provided me with the opportunity to meet many outstanding and impressive individuals, who have played an important role in my personal development and professional achievements over the years. Mr. Bernard Harold Colman, Oxford, was one such man, he initiated me into the world of otolaryngology and to whom I owe a deep, heart felt gratitude. Mr. B.H. Colman is an international figure who contributed to the ENT profession by courses and articles, his book Hall & Colman is widely known. During my time as a resident in Oxford, Mr. Andrew Freeland and Mr. William Lund were two very influential consultants who worked within the department. They played an important role in my extensive training and I am deeply thankful to them.

I was then fortunate enough to have the opportunity to undergo intensive training at Aberdeen University Hospital for two years as a registrar. I am indebted to Mr. William Newland, Mr. Kenneth MacLay and Mr. Lesley Wills for sharing their knowledge and skill with me.

My appreciation also goes to Mr. Peter Adlington, Bournemouth Hospital where I held a more senior post as registrar for two years. Mr. Adlington is easily one of the top surgeons in rhinoplasty and he inspired me to follow this path. Mr. Gareth Thomas and Allan Bracewell also helped me at this stage of my career.

I would like to especially thank the Edinburgh Group of Consultants including Professor A.G.D. Maran, Allan Kerr, B.A.B. Dale, D.L. Cowan and J.A.M. Murray for their great contributions to the ENT profession by courses, articles and books.

I wish to thank my colleagues who have organized courses in the United States and Europe